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The 23 June 2016 will surely be book-marked in future history books. The vote to leave the EU will doubtless create ripples in the economy. In my opinion there has never been a moment in time when our profession has such an opportunity to be part of a readjustment process on this scale.

Initially, we should be in touch with clients to explain what may happen and to reaffirm our willingness to help, when help is needed.

I sent my own clients a booklet "UK votes to leave the EU - your guide to weathering the changes" today, 27 June. I have added this publication to our market place page. It flags up common sense strategies for surviving the uncertain period that will no doubt follow Brexit. Take a look.

Best regards, Bob Edwards FCCA, 27 June 2016

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Landmark provides practicing accountants and tax advisors in the UK with strategies and online tools to increase fee income and acquire new clients.

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We have created a number of practice development tools that can be linked to your website or used internally by your staff.

We also build websites, incorporating these tools, and provide weekly blog copy written by our founder, Bob Edwards FCCA.

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If you can never find the time to work on your practice: increase cross-sales or win new clients, Landmark may have the solutions you have been looking for. Setup time and implementation chores are minimised.
Our founder, Bob Edwards FCCA, has been in practice for over 25 years and he understands the pressures you are working under.
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